Looking back on 2013

by dbthehype


2013 was a pretty awesome year, although there’s always room for improvement. One of the highlights of this year was becoming active on a little gem called Goodreads. In case you’re not a total bookworm, let me introduce you to the magical world of this acquired Amazon site dedicated to all things books.

I often found myself wondering what book to read next and with the lack of bookworm friends, I turned to Google Play’s top fiction best sellers list for recommendations. It was a bit of a task to browse through endless titles from numerous authors but I was determined to find my next book boyfriend. Yes, you read that correctly…book boyfriend and I have tons of them. I’m a romance/new adult/(slightly) young adult novel reading machine and I am not ashamed to admit it. Let’s just say my idea of a good Friday night entails curling up with an awesome book and zero interruptions. Stumbling across Goodreads was the best thing any bookworm could have happen to them. It’s a social site where you can meet other readers with similar literary tastes, there’s literally something for everybody. You can recommend books AND befriend your favorite authors, which is something you wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to do. That’s right, so you really enjoyed that Colleen Hoover novel? Feel free to friend, follow and even message her and express your gratitude for her beautifully written work. At least that’s what I did, and she replied!

Another thing I’ve become a fan of is writing book reviews. The neat thing about reviewing a book is that more often than not, you are given the book for free in exchange for an honest review. Authors, especially independent self published ones truly appreciate the reader taking the time to check out their work. One particular author enjoyed my review of his novel so much, he offered me the opportunity to beta-read his follow-up novels. Beta reading is a bit different from plain reviewing, since beta reading gives you the ability to shape the story by providing the author with feedback that really influences the final outcome of the book. In other words, as a beta-reader, you are critiquing a  book that has not yet been published. Speaking of following and friend requesting, feel free to stalk my page (Karina) to your heart’s content. Go ahead and get lost in a book, I dare you.