Riot Away!

by dbthehype


In case you’re not looking to blow $80 or more on a Broadway ticket, I have some great news! Some years ago I discovered a great website dedicated to those of us who love theatre but are on a budget. BroadwayForBrokePeople lists all shows currently running and future ones along with closing dates, performance schedules and most importantly the cheapest tickets for each production. The most popular shows such as Wicked don’t offer cheap tickets but do have the option of participating in a daily lottery (which I’ve won), should you be lucky enough to win, will grant you the chance to purchase front row tickets for a whopping $30 (take that! Tourists and everyone else spending a fortune!). All other shows usually offer some form of rush tickets, whether student or general. For those, you have to be willing to stand in line before the box office opens, usually 10am, because they go quickly! Please keep in mind that these tickets are only for same day performances, you cannot purchase tickets for future dates. Everyone can surely enjoy the magic of Broadway with prices as low as $27!