Case of the Tuesdays

by dbthehype


Forget Mondays, I’ve got a serious case of the Tuesdays and not necessarily because I dreaded going to work…it was quite the opposite. I woke up and went about my usual routine only to find out first hand that the universe had planned  to conspire against me. I utilize public transportation and it seemed like the Suffolk Bus Transit decided I wasn’t worthy of their incredibly welcoming atmosphere and much needed heat. In my epic fail to get to work, I got a glimpse of what Jake Gyllenhaal’s character must have endured during The Day After Tomorrow (minus the love interest) and it was absolutely dreadful. In my frozen stupor, I returned home and decided to take a cab only to have it never arrive. Feeling like Odysseus having braved the elements, I eventually made it in thanks to my extremely understanding boss. It is brutal out there, stay warm my friends!