Not At All Gabriel’s Inferno

by dbthehype

The following post may result in some good ol’ comedic relief or possible concern for the author’s mental stability. Read at your own risk…you know you want to 😉

Apparently I have a major case of man flu, accompanied with awesome rehab level withdrawal symptoms that have my body feeling like I got the daylights kicked out on me in a shady back alley.  All these great feelings decided to start manifesting themselves on my way home. At which point I wish I had those ruby red slippers to take me home or at the very least some sort of teleportation device a la Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Not sure if having a car would have helped since my legs were screaming for me to lay down on whatever surface I was standing on, which just so happened to be the highly trafficked carpet of the DMV (ironic, I know).

So there’s a purpose for the post title, Gabriel’s Inferno is the first book in author Sylvain Reynard’s excellent trilogy. It’s a superbly written trilogy that follows the love story of Dante Specialist, Professor Gabriel Emerson (imagine David Gandy *drool*) and his student Julia Mitchell. It’s a riveting story that will keep you on the edge of your seat while swooning and wishing Prof. E was real. For more info please check out the author’s website Sylvain Reynard and Goodreads.

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