Blacklist (Beautiful Typography)

by dbthehype


For many people Australia is synonymous with Outback Steakhouse, kangaroos, Hugh Jackman and let’s not forget UGGs. For me it’s more along the lines of great authors (Jay McLean), amazing music (Hillsong UNITED) and more recently Blacklist (beautiful typography). I am obsessed with pretty lettering and Hillsong’s cover for their 2013 album “Glorious Ruins” piqued my interest as to its origin. I love the color scheme and the gold lettering really caught my eye. One day while browsing on Instagram, I came across a picture posted by Joel Houston (Hillsong UNITED worship leader, songwriter and musician) with similar typography where he gave a shout out to Blacklist. BlacklistĀ is a Sydney based graphic design studio established in 2008. It is the brain child of Nathan Johnson, art director and designer. Specializing in everything from illustration, art direction, typography, graphic design and creative direction. Some of their clients include Coca Cola, Quiksilver, Hurley and Hillsong UNITED. They also have a store where you can purchase a variety of simple yet beautiful paper prints, cushions, wall flags and even candles. Their exclusive prints (start at about $100) are limited edition and sell out pretty quickly, so if you something catches your eye make sure to purchase it immediately. To check out more about this awesome laid back and beachy art, click here. Below are a few examples of their goods.