Sweet ‘Not So Baby’ Jesus!

by dbthehype


I love Jesus, but after seeing the trailer for the upcoming movie Son of God, I LOVE JESUS! Although I own Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, I could never bring myself to watch it (my heart couldn’t handle the idea of watching Jesus getting a beating of epic proportions). This most recent adaptation looks amazing and I’m definitely looking forward to its release (Feb. 28th), but I couldn’t help from noticing how attractive Jesus was (don’t judge!). This seems to be the case for a lot of Biblical movies which makes sense because as cliché as this may sound, to me Jesus is beautiful inside and out. After a quick Google consult I was able to reveal the lovely man’s identity as Portuguese actor and former model Diogo Morgado. Apparently I wasn’t the only one swooning over ‘Hot Jesus’ and Mr. Morgado gracefully commented on the massive hysteria surrounding his looks in a New York Times article by saying, “It’s a compliment, obviously but I don’t want that to take away from what we tried to achieve.” Furthermore he goes on to state,”The best story is the story that gets to the most people. If the message of Jesus was love, hope and compassion, and I can bring that to more people by being a more appealing Jesus, I am happy with that.” I for one am happy to support what appears to be a promising recounting of the life of Jesus (painfully harsh beatings and all).

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