Jon Snow: The Horse Whisperer

by dbthehype


This past Friday, I was persuaded to watch Pompeii in 3D. Expecting that it was just some fluffy love story with the backdrop of impending doom at the hands of an angry volcano, I was somewhat reluctant. Five minutes into the movie and I was a very happy girl when Kit Harington waltzed out in all of his six-pack glory. Who knew Jon Snow was hiding that ripped physique under all those furs? All drooling aside, the movie was entertaining and since I went into it with a blind eye, I got plenty of surprises where the cast was concerned. Remember Carrie-Ann Moss who played Trinity in The Matrix films? Well, she’s alive and kicking! Then there’s the always amazing Kiefer Sutherland who played the pompous villain. The Game of Thrones style gore, and Titanic star-crossed lovers plot kept me on the edge of my seat. What impressed me the most was Kit Harington’s impeccable hair. Not only was it frizz-proof, but also volcanic ash-proof. While his love interest’s hair went from delicate curls to something resembling dreadlocks, his hair looked spectacular. Another thing I appreciated about the film was that I truly enjoyed the ending, it kind of reminded me of Les Miserables’ running joke of how everyone dies at the end. Then again, there is a love story in the midst which keeps you hoping and wishing for a much-needed happily ever after (those two souls deserved it!). My final verdict is 3.5 out of 5 stars. Pompeii is now showing at a theater near you. Support Kit Harington’s film career and enjoy his badass horse whispering and fighting skills!