World Science U

by dbthehype

Two years ago I came across a poster announcing a science event in NYC called World Science Festival and it got my nerd girl juices going. The World Science Festival is an annual celebration of all things science held by the Science Festival Foundation (a non-profit organization headquartered in NYC). The festival offers an amazing line-up of lectures and events on various fascinating topics with none other than the creme de la creme in the world of science. Past lectures have included The Taste of Science, Cheers to Science! A Drinkable Feast of Beer, Biotechnology, and Archaeology, and Architects of the Mind: A Blueprint for the Human Brain. The list of impressive lecturers include James Watson (co-discoverer of the DNA’s double-helix) and famed physicist Stephen Hawking among others. The beauty of these events is that no matter what level of scientific knowledge you have (or don’t have), they are presented in a way that everyone can grasp the concepts being presented. This year’s festival is slated for May 28th-June 1st. For more information on upcoming events sign up here.

On February 18th, Brian Greene, theoretical physicist, Co-founder of the World Science Festival and Columbia University professor announced the launch of his new project World Science U. Dr. Greene will be teaching the first two courses on Einstein’s Special Relativity. The courses will be FREE and more will be added along the way on various topics. The goal of this project and of the World Science Festival is to make science accessible for those interested in learning subject matter that may otherwise appear daunting. For more information on World Science U and to sign up for alerts please click here.