Rave for Jesus (No Twerking, Please)

by dbthehype

A few weeks ago, I published a semi-coherent post regarding Hillsong United’s ‘The White Album [Remix Project]’. Looking back, I now realize I didn’t really give much detail about the album, more specifically…the sound. After listening to this awesome album for days, like it was my job, I can provide an idea of what to expect. In a nutshell, UNITED took a hand-full of their top hits and had them remixed by various musicians and mix engineers. The result is the love child of Empire of the Sun and Daft Punk (TRON soundtrack) with a hint of the Drive movie soundtrack. It’s absolutely delightful and had me wishing I had glow sticks while dancing the night away sans Molly or whatever it is the kids are into nowadays. Check out some of the sweet beats below.