Les Miz…Kind of a Big Deal! (She & They are Back!)

by dbthehype


After six years of hiatus, Les Misérables is back on Broadway. This is extremely exciting news for Broadway junkies such as myself, especially ones who haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing this breathtaking spectacle live on stage (this lady right here). Currently in previews, Les Miz is slated to officially open this Sunday, March 23rd at the Imperial Theatre. With a marvelous cast, including Ramin Karimloo as Jean Valjean, Will Swenson as Javert, Caissie Levy as Fantine and Nikki M. James as Eponine. Melissa Mitchell, who played Belle in Gateway Playhouse’s production of Beauty and the Beast, will be making her Broadway debut as a member of the Les Miz ensemble. What I am mostly looking forward to is my beloved Barricade Boys, best boy band ever! Check out the cast’s wonderful rendition of “One Day More”, performed on GMA.

Tickets are on sale and the price range is $57-$250. However, for those not looking to spend an astronomical figure, you can take advantage of general rush tickets which are an amazing $37. To score  these highly coveted tickets (maximum of 2 tickets per person), be one of the first people at the box office when it opens at 10am  Monday-Saturday (or preferably an hour before), because they are limited and will run out quickly.  Thanks be to Broadway’s General Rush! For more information on all things Les Miz, click here.


[Photos from Tumblr and Pinterest]