The Panini 2014 FIFA World Cup Sticker Album is HEAAA! (Pauly D voice)

by dbthehype


Attention soccer/futbol fans worldwide, earlier this week FIFA officially launched the Panini 2014 World Cup Sticker Album. I’m especially excited about this since I filled my very first album during the previous 2010 World Cup. It’s such an exhilarating experience to swap stickers with friends and complete strangers in the ultimate quest of completing the timeless keepsake. For those not familiar with this amazing tradition, the album displays all 32 participating teams each with 18 players along with the stadiums where the matches will take place. There are additional stickers with symbols related to the tournament, such as the mascot, respective team emblems and other nifty holographic pieces. Stickers are sold in packets containing 7 and cost 99¢, while the album itself is $1.99.


With literally hundreds of stickers to collect and keep track of, the easiest way to stay organized is to download the Panini Collectors App (click here). This extremely helpful tool will allow you to scan your stickers while it manages the rest (i.e. keep track of what you have, need and any duplicates you can swap). This is music to my ears, since last time I wrote out all of 500+ numbers on a large index card and kept crossing out what I had. For up to date information on album related news, be sure to visit Panini. Also, check out The Official Blog of Panini America as they reveal sneak peeks and more details on where to (physically) purchase your album in The United States. To purchase online, visit the Official Online FIFA Store. Below is a teaser by Panini (yes, this sticker album is kind of a huge deal).


[Pictures courtesy of Panini, gifs courtesy of tumblr]