Happy Opening Week!

by dbthehype


From left to right: Jorge Posada, Mariano Rivera, Derek Jeter and Andy Pettitte.

For most baseball fans, April 1st marked the beginning of the season…not for me. While everyone else was happily sporting their Yankee gear, I was blissfully engrossed in all things books, reviews and online bargain hunting (just about anything but baseball). Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Yanks baseball, but it isn’t official until they’ve played on home turf. Fans in attendance at Monday’s home opener were graced with the presence of three beloved former Yankees also known as members of the Core Four.

With new additions to the team, fans are starved for championship #28. It’s been a rough start but as long as we’re ahead of the Red Sox…I’m a happy camper. Not for nothing but every baseball fan knows that it doesn’t get serious until after the All-Star break. For some it’s make or break, unless you’re the Mets in which case you’ve been out of the running for quite some time (sorry, I couldn’t help myself ^_^). Regardless of how October pans out, this is bound to be an unforgettable season for the Yanks and their loyal fans.