Mimi’s Magical Elixir

by dbthehype



About a month ago, while perusing Walgreens, a pink bottle grabbed my attention and I picked it up to further explore what it was. I think I ended up even more confused after reading the label. The drink’s name is Butterfly and it’s Mariah Carey’s very own beverage. The tag line if you can call it that is “a melodic beverage inspired by the magic of Mariah Carey”…umm, who comes up with this stuff? seriously. I understand Mariah’s voice is melodic and amazing but I’ve yet to experience her “magic”. The back of the bottle goes on to say “Butterfly gives everyone something new to sing about. Let this melodic blend of sophisticated sweetness lift you to your high notes every day that you pamper yourself with a sip of Butterfly inspired by Mariah Carey.  I don’t know about you lovely folk reading this, but I never sing about what I drink. Ever. There I was trying to find what flavor it was and all I got was a bunch of nonsensical gibberish. They were better off just saying it was butterfly flavored, that would have been a bit more intriguing and disturbing. There’s more, the bottle also gives you access to “Go N’Syde” and discover exclusive MC extras only available to customers. For a hot second I thought it read NSYNC, but that was just my brain was playing tricks on me.

As if that wasn’t enough, right next two it was a bottle from the same company labeled 40/40 Club. That’s right, 40/40 Club has its own beverage as well. As random as that may be, it states clearly what it is and leaves no doubts about what it should taste like. the label reads “a tea beverage inspired by New York’s one and only 40/40 Club”. I imagine it’s iced tea flavored but that fact that it’s inspired by a club doesn’t make me want to buy a bottle like yesterday. When I think of a club, the thing that comes to mind is not tea, but sweaty scantily clad girls and gropey guys. Needless to say, I highly doubt I will be purchasing either beverage. Still curious about how Butterfly tastes? Check out this hilarious article from Bustle detailing just how magical the elixir is.


[Gif via Tumblr, Photo via Go N’Syde]