Crazy In Love With This Trailer (You Know…THAT One)

by dbthehype


THE most awaited trailer by book addicts worldwide has finally been released to the masses and I am shaking from excitement. Watch it. Love it. Dream it. I am so ready for you, Mr. Grey! If you’re not familiar with the Christian Grey phenomenon, here’s an extremely condensed blurb. For many readers, E.L. James’ trilogy, Fifty Shades of Grey opened a flood gates of seemingly endless titles in the erotica/adult/romance genres. Most people associate Fifty Shades with mom porn or smut thanks to the ridiculous labels the media gave it. And yes, there is sex between two consenting adults, one of which has a unique way of dealing with intimacy. However, once you get past all the bells and whistles, it really boils down to a lovely romance story involving two individuals who beat the odds and came out victoriously happy.






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