All The (Ignorant) People [Where Do They All Come From?]

by dbthehype

giphyEarlier this week, the Twitter universe was set ablaze by none other than the youth.  Following the release of Kanye’s single titled “Only One”, a few fans decided to expose their immense musical ignorance by questioning who in the world Paul McCartney was? Now, when I came across the screenshot of said blasphemy, I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or be seriously concerned for the future of the world. The musical legend and former member of the larger than life group The Beatles, joined forces with Mr. West last year by collaborating in a song dedicated to his daughter North West. So, although Kanye is a big deal, Sir Paul McCartney is a musical icon (the man was even knighted by the Queen of England).

In this case, the old saying “ignorance is bliss” does not apply. With the invention of Google and all things cyberspace related, it’s kinda sorta inexcusable to have that level of ignorance. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of things that catch me off guard and cause me to have genuine blonde moments (no offense to blondes). However, in any case of doubts regarding just about anything, I consult with my handy-dandy friend Google. I come from a generation where I had to use the encyclopedia (not Wikipedia) and other books to do my homework, there was no internet back in the day (shocking, I know).  So please, appreciate the source of knowledge you have at your fingertips and use those pricey iPhones for self-improvement, not just taking awesome pictures. Perhaps I’m an old soul, while other kids were off playing video games and hanging out at Applebee’s (that used to be the hangout spot for teens *facepalm*), I was home jamming to my Beatles anthology cd. If we learn anything from this fiasco, it’s to think (or Google) before you share with the world. To sample and purchase the sweet song, click here.


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