No Boyfriend? There’s an App for That!

by dbthehype

no-thank-you-gifThis morning while getting ready for work, I received a text message from a co-worker that got me thinking. Her exact words were, “Morning! Did you see the invisible boyfriend app yet?? Lol now you can have one!”. Mind you this was at 8:05 am, so there I am in my towel debating whether I should feel insulted or laugh. I went with the latter emotion and decided I had to look into this ridiculously intriguing development. I’m happily single, but have a healthy appreciation for male models (i.e. Andrea Denver, Google him…you can thank me later) and book boyfriends/husbands. As the old saying goes, ‘boys are better in books’. 8S-liz-lemon

What I discovered on the ‘Invisible Boyfriend’ website was beyond what I ever imagined. The angle the creators target is that of not having to be bothered by pesky questions regarding your marital status or lack thereof. If you’re tired of explaining to your friends, family or complete strangers why you’re still single, fear no more. For the low cost of $24.99 a month, you can not only build the man or woman of your dreams (finally!) from scratch, but also have proof of his/her non-existence. Don’t worry about wanting to change a man, now you can create his personality and even give him an occupation. Once you’ve finished your Weird Science virtual boy toy, he will text you or even write you a note. BeforIB_text_chat-34f4bfa581a0efb442477e4ec2054e09e we get ahead of ourselves, let me explain that the app wants to make this pseudo boyfriend as authentic as possible. They aim to achieve this by having the user think up a meet-cute in order to add a seemingly veridical dynamic to the charade. If you’re lacking in the imagination department and are unable to come up with how or where you would meet the man of your dreams, they walk you through it with fill in the blanks scenarios a la Mad Libs style.

This all seems like fun and games until I start to wonder what the point is of making fake plans with a fake guy? You’re literally setting up dates that will never take place, which just seems completely silly. So what if I’m single? I shouldn’t have to spend money to prove to people I have an imaginary yet extremely believable boyfriend. The silver lining I saw in this was that your boyfriend’s picture, which you choose out of their database is a real person. It’s not a stock photo or some male model, it’s a living human being whom donated their selfie for the great cause of ending singledom (kinda sorta). If the idea of entertaining a relationship for a monthly fee doesn’t interest you, you can actually make a profit by becoming someone’s invisible significant other. After submitting your selfie, if chosen by one of the users, you will receive a t-shirt stating you are someone’s invisible boyfriend/girlfriend. Any additional selfies will result in payment to you. Now that’s something I could consider. Let’s face it, the world has gone selfie obsessed, why not cash in and make someone happy with your attractive mug. For more information on ‘Invisible Boyfriend’ or to get your very own, click here.


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