Paulina Full of Grace

by dbthehype

gallery_photo1422247495DD3_6012Last night marked a very special moment for Colombians worldwide. While the Miss Universe pageant celebrated its 63rd anniversary, Colombians anxiously awaited how far our girl would go (especially my grandmother). I grew up watching this pageant but over the years lost interest, due to the cringing that overtakes me when I listen to the dreadful answers to the questions contestants have to endure. Surely, if I were in their shoes, I’d probably utter some kind of ridiculousness but I’d like to think I’d put some sort of thought into a semi-coherent answer. After all, the world is watching and you are there to represent your country (no pressure). Nevertheless, I was sucked into the usual commentary that follows this sort of event and shortly after found myself planted on the couch next to my mom. While wishing and hoping Ms. Vega wouldn’t wobble or trip in her heels, I was also preparing myself for the usual outcome…the snub. In the past, if Colombia was lucky enough to make it into the top anything, that’s usually as good as it got. The judges would tease us with hope only to make the descent that much more painful. Along with watching beautiful women parade in a variety of barely there outfits, viewers are treated to musical guests. We were graced with performances from Prince Royce, Gavin DeGraw and my newly favorite JoBro, Nick Jonas. The agony payed off when 22 year old, Paulina Vega was crowned Miss Universe 2014 (2nd in Colombia’s history) in the most graceful way possible and one that could be considered the epitome of composure. She didn’t scream and over dramatize the ordeal, but calmly congratulated Miss USA and happily accepted her gorgeous crown. Seriously, have you looked at that thing? It’s a very Art Deco, New York City skyline inspired piece worth a second look. Check out the stats of this gem, courtesy of Relive the history making moment, below.



[photo source: Miss Universe and Keep Calm-O-Matic]