Either Side of Midnight by Tori de Clare (Book Review)

by dbthehype

11038485_400952213417661_4108179993151941989_n Earlier this week I was pleasantly surprised by an email from the lovely author, Tori de Clare. Having read and reviewed her novel ‘Either Side of Midnight’ over a year ago, I was excited to hear that she would be releasing a sequel on April 7th titled, ‘The Darkness Visible’. It’s not every day that I come across a new author that really shakes me up and gives me a massive book hangover that leaves characters lingering in my head long after I finish reading. I am happy to share that this brilliant novel is completely FREE on Amazon for the next few hours. I urge you to grab it! Click here. Check out the blurb and my review below.



When nineteen-year-old Naomi Stone is snatched from her husband at knife-point on the night of their wedding and taken to a deserted cemetery, she knows her life is finished. Drugged and disoriented, she loses consciousness as she lies in an open grave with a gun to her head. But the following day, she mysteriously awakes to find herself unharmed and secured to a bed. She’s in a beautiful bedroom in a secluded cottage in open countryside. Only one person knows she’s there – the man in the balaclava who’s holding her, feeding her, revealing nothing. Naomi senses the unfolding of a plan. She should be on honeymoon in the Caribbean. Instead, she’s trapped with an emotionless psycho with no hope of escape . . . And his voice is chillingly familiar.
Who is he? What does he want? What’s happened to her husband? Where is she? Will anyone find her before it’s too late?



Verdict: 4.5 Brilliant Mind-bending Stars!

Either Side of Midnight is instant insanity, an intricately worked and woven plot that comes together perfectly. Written in a way that goes back and forth between Liberty (past) and Captivity (present), I found it brilliant and intriguing. At first I was fascinated with Captivity but quickly grew to love the Liberty aspect which gave the background story on Naomi’s family and the way her and Nathan’s relationship quickly progressed.

What should have been Naomi’s happiest day of her life and most memorable evening quickly turned dreadfully traumatizing. While trying to retrieve her trademark keepsake necklace from the car outside her hotel, she’s abducted by a masked man. The events that follow are quite intense and edge of your seat thrilling. Worst of all, her masked man’s voice sounds vaguely familiar. The week that follows consists of her fantasizing of escape plans from her chained captivity in a beautiful home in the English countryside.

Naomi Hamilton is a 19 year old privileged pianist who enrolls into a prestigious music academy, solely to please her mother (Camilla). Straight-laced and forever the good twin, she’s too afraid to go against her mother’s wishes out of fear of disappointing her. Her sister Annie is a rebel and everything Naomi wishes she could be. Wild and free, she lives her life to please no one but herself, regardless of whether or not she has her parents’ approval. While at a school function, Naomi meets Nathan Stone, the embodiment of the man of her dreams and 7 years her senior. She quickly becomes smitten and lost in all things and thoughts of the charming devil in disguise. Ignoring her mother’s warning to end things with Nathan…fast forward a few months later and we have wedding bells followed by a kidnapping that same night.

Ironically enough, Naomi started out like a stone, rough around the edges, but with the right amount of pressure…turned into a pretty spectacular shiny rock. In the beginning she was rather infuriating with her naïveté, then again…present me with my dream guy and I’d be losing sleep and drooling over him too. So what if he was 7 years her senior, so was Christian Grey and that turned out pretty great. Unfortunately, Nathaniel Stone is far from our dear Mr. Grey. About a quarter into the book I was ready to crawl into my phone and slap some sense into Naomi. I don’t care how swoon-worthy the guy is; if he’s professing his love for you on the second date…you should definitely run for the fricken hills!

Nathaniel Stone is a 25 year old beautiful compulsive liar with a gambling problem. He owes money to everyone including the mob and has been concocting a twisted plan to cut ties and gain freedom along with a small fortune. He preys on Naomi’s insecurities and kind hearted nature to ensnare her in his ploy without any care for the lives he’ll destroy. Nobody, not even his own family is safe from his maniacal ways; he even goes as far as demonizing his brother (Schizophrenic Dan) and parents.

I may have fallen in love with Tori de Clare’s writing style. Each character was very well developed and written in such a way that gave them their own unique tone and voice. I especially enjoyed reading about Camilla Hamilton, she was my favorite character. I loved her inherently British snooty-pinky-up tone. What can I say, mother knows best.

This book was the equivalent of a literary treat that I devoured and I can’t wait for my next fix. The ending wrapped everything up nicely but left me wanting more!


Be on the lookout for the next title ‘The Darkness Visible’, releasing next month (April 7th). For more information on Tori de Clare, stalk her social media pages on Facebook, Goodreads and Amazon.


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