Hillsong – Let Hope Rise + Touch the Sky

by dbthehype

TB2S3THM.472093.1Happy Easter! What do Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj and Broadway’s hit show RENT have in common? The answer to this random question is director, Michael John Warren. Since making his directorial debut with Jay-Z’s 2004 documentary Fade to Black, his work has involved music themed projects among other things. Most recently, he collaborated with the Australian Christian band Hillsong UNITED, in a documentary that places a genuine spotlight on their rise to fame. With an ever-growing fan base, they’re kind of a huge deal in the Christian community and their music is known around the world. Hillsong-Let Hope Rise captures the magnitude of influence that their worship songs have and how that came to be. For more information on the movie due out September 30th, 2015, click here.

The mutumblr_meihl7bo2t1qzkfujo1_500sic of Hillsong is so popular it is estimated that on any given Sunday, more than 50 million churchgoers around the world are singing their songs. Routinely performing to sold-out stadiums, the 11-member band, led by Joel Houston, are all volunteers or employees of Hillsong Church, founded by Joel’s parents, Brian and Bobbie HoustonTheir mission — without exaggeration – is to make music to save souls. They are trying to get people to discover Jesus. That’s probably the most righteous reason to make music. Whether you’re religious or not, it’s hard to look at that and not feel good about it. [www.hillsongmovie.com]

Check out the film trailer below and the first single “Touch the Sky” (not to be confused with Kanye’s song) from their upcoming album Empires.

1971491_1693480684212111_308943466_n[Media Source: www.ugather.com, www.hillsongmovie.com, www.tumblr.com]