Dance for Me by J.C. Valentine (Book Review)

by dbthehype

T84HaFdoFCX9AHF5bMon9a0tu4DC-I-oUzZ_bU3ZrXmn77p_u0dRYkVqWdWSR3sDJg1aYwIt’s been a while since I’ve signed up to read/review a book and it’s even sweeter when you’re approached to do so. Such was the case for J.C. Valentine’s newest release titled Dance for Me. Having read and reviewed three of her previous titles in her Night Calls series, That First Kiss, Surrender to Love and Trust, I jumped at the opportunity to get lost in another one of her wildly entertaining creations. For more information on J.C. Valentine, feel free to stalk her on Facebook, Amazon, Author Page or Goodreads. To 1-Click your copy from Amazon, click here. Check out the blurb and my review below.

11133935_826040100776817_122767866542441467_oBLURB: WARNING: Dance for Me is the first book in a trilogy and ends with a cliffhanger. Due to mature material, it is recommended for ages 17+.

What if the person who stole your heart wasn’t who you thought they were?

When my parents passed away, I grew up fast. Learning to stand on my own two feet has been a challenge, but I’m making it… my way. I make no apologies for the path I’ve chosen. My choices have served me well, but no one knows the real me.

Except one man.

He’s a mystery to me. He’s controlling, demanding, and he has me wrapped around his little finger. Anything he wants, I’ll give it to him. The hours we share together aren’t about love. It’s just sex. Hot, dirty, passionate sex. It was never supposed to be anything more than that.

Until everything changed.

Now, I’m more confused than ever. The more I learn about him, the less I seem to understand. What I do know is that I’m falling, and I have the feeling when I land, it’s going to hurt.



*ARC generously provided by author in exchange for an honest review*

*4 Night & Day Stars*

I’ve never been a fan of cliffhangers but recently discovered that when tastefully done and paired with great writing, it can turn out to be pretty amazing.

Josephine Hart has led a trying life since the loss of her parents, but she makes no excuses for her circumstances and rather takes life as it comes. A senior in college, she supports herself by dancing at a gentlemen’s club where she exercises complete control over her attentive audience, especially Him. Always observing from a darkened corner, this beautiful mystery man takes what he wants and gives her feelings she previously never entertained.

Careful not to mix business with pleasure, Joe compartmentalizes her life into work and school. Going to such measures as preferring low lighting during her performances in order to maintain a certain anonymity save someone from recognizing her outside of the club, friends included. Her so-called carefully orchestrated life becomes a whirlwind of erotic encounters bordering on dangerous and perhaps something more.

As if that wasn’t enough, her first day of Art Class takes an interesting turn once she lays eyes on Professor Scott. Gorgeous, with unforgettable piercing onyx eyes reminiscent of a certain mystery man that commands full attention, she can’t help but oscillate between thinking life is playing a cruel joke on her and making lemonade with the forbidden fruit so blatantly being offered. She’s always kept her guard up in regards to intimacy but after having the crème de la crème, right or wrong as it may be…she’s can’t deny being hot for teacher. With his Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde routine, it’s tough to know which way is up or down and get a feel for where they stand at times, but being apart is out of the question. Unfortunately, things are not always what they seem and something more lurks beneath the surface of their fragile relationship.

The electricity between Joe and Prof. Scott is tangible in every page and takes the reader for a wild ride of unexpected twists and turns that will leave you breathless and hungry for more of these great characters. I happen to be a sucker for books that involve dance and when I was offered the opportunity to review this title, I didn’t hesitate because J.C. Valentine’s writing style is a mixture of fun and sexy that always puts a smile on my face


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